reg teaching

The picture above shows Reginald working with a student on the details of a tune. The instrument they're using is a practice chanter.

Learn to Play
"Mom, I'd like to learn to play the bagpipe." It's not a request you would normally expect to hear from your kids, but it does happen. And when it does, where do you turn?

Reginald has been teaching piping now for 8 years and many of his students have become quite accomplished at the instrument. The beginning student is required to purchase a practice instrument, called a chanter, and a College of Piping tutor book; both can be purchased through a piping supply house.

The typical student will spend at least six months learning the fingering required to play scales, embellishments and tunes on the practice chanter.  This means that for a minimal upfront investment your youngster can be exposed to the instrument and learn the basics.  By the time they have become proficient on the practice chanter you will be able to determine whether or not he or she will stick with it before you are faced with the need to invest in an actual set of pipes.  Of course, adult students are welcome as well. If interested please contact me for further details.